Android settings

Opening your settings menu

  • Pull down the notification panel on the screen and tap on the settings "gear" icon.
  • Or, from your device's home screen, go to the All apps screen (usually by pressing an icon that looks like 9 dots) and find the Settings app.

In this section:

Displays a list of Wi-Fi access points, allows connecting to new Wi-Fi access points, and allows adjusting Wi-Fi settings.
Allows turning Bluetooth support on and off, and viewing and connecting to nearby Bluetooth devices.
Allows you to monitor and control the amount of network data is being used by your device and its apps.
Additional settings related to networking, including settings for Airplane mode, VPNs, cellular networks and more.
Adjust visual and screen-related aspects of your device, including screen brightness, how the screen goes to sleep and wakes, and the font size.
Controls allowing you to prevent certain apps from creating notifications or force their notifications to be silent or hidden from the lock screen.
Controls the volume levels, ringtones, notification tones, vibrations and other sounds made by your Android device.
List all apps on your device and the storage space and data they have used, and control their permissions and defaults.
Check your device's current battery level, configure power-saving options such as Battery saver or Doze mode and see which of your apps are consuming the most battery.
Configure the ability for Google and apps to access your location using GPS or Google location services.
Configure advanced security-related settings for your device such as SIM card locking, device encryption, trusted credentials and installation of third-party apps.
Allows the configuration of a secret pattern, PIN or password to unlock the device, and offers some other configuration options for the lock screen.
Various settings for backing up data on your device, or performing a factory reset.
Provides special features to help app developers test and diagnose their apps. This menu may be initially hidden.
Contains some information about your device status, the version of Android running on it and other diagnostic information.
Some of Android's settings can be found outside of the system Settings menu, located within built-in apps instead, such as the Phone app.