Android guides

Pairing and using Bluetooth devices isn't as complicated as some make it out to be. This article attempts to explain in simple terms how Bluetooth pairing works and which common things people say about it are wrong.

A summary of the new features and functionality introduced in Android 9 (Pie), including further enhancements to battery life and intelligent "adaptive" features which learn how you use your device.

An overview of the new features in Android 8 (Oreo) and 8.1. Android's Oreo release brought new features such as Picture-In-Picture mode for using other apps while a video continues playing in the corner, changes to notifications such as Notification channels, and Adaptive icons.

Devices with access to cellular data need to have an APN (Access Point Name) configured in order to set up a data connection with the carrier. While this is usually pre-set on Android devices, this article outlines the process of finding out what settings you should be using, and setting them.

Android version 7 (code named Nougat) brought a selection of new features to Android, such as a split screen display mode, a new notification pull-down, and seamless system updates. Learn more about the new features in this Android version and how they affect users.

A simple guide to the right way to care for your smartphone or tablet's battery. Unfortunately, there are many popular myths about how to properly care for the batteries in a smartphone or tablet. This article attempts to set a few things straight and provide some simple guidelines.

Some people "root" their Android based phones or tablets in order to bypass some security measures and more thoroughly modify the operating system and its behavior. This article explains what "rooting" means, and reasons you might want to do it.

What makes Android different to iOS, as found in iPhones and iPads? This article attempts to summarize the main differences in approach between the two mobile operating systems in a balanced way, including the benefits of both approaches.

When you first get your new Android phone or tablet and open the box, there's a few basic things you might need to know in order to get it set up and working quickly. This guide will teach you basics such as how to turn Android devices on and off, wake them from sleep, and charge their battery.