Location settings

Android devices can determine your location in the world (for example, your current address) using a number of different methods. These settings control which methods should be used, and how apps can use this information.

See Location settings for Android 4.3 and earlier for location settings on older devices.

On / Off

The main on/off switch inside the location settings provides a way to completely disable location services.

When disabled, no app on your device, including Google apps like Maps, will be able to know your location either by GPS, Wi-fi or mobile networks.

In this section:

Allows you to change the locating method the phone can use for determining your location, affecting battery use and location accuracy.
Gives an overview of which apps have requested access to your location, and what locating methods were used.
Google Location History controls whether you allow Google to store your location for future use, which may be a privacy concern.
Allows you to configure common saved locations such as "Home" or "Work".
Prior to Android 4.4 (Kitkat), the location settings in devices were very different. View information about the older settings here.