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Once, new devices came with thick user's manuals explaining the various settings and how to get it working the way you need.

This site was created in response to the frustration of finding accurate information about the settings on Android phones.

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A summary of the new features and functionality introduced in Android 9 (Pie), including further enhancements to battery life and intelligent "adaptive" features which learn how you use your device.
An overview of the new features in Android 8 (Oreo) and 8.1. Android's Oreo release brought new features such as Picture-In-Picture mode for using other apps while a video continues playing in the corner, …
Fixed Dialing Numbers allows you to restrict the phone numbers a device is allowed to dial to those on a pre-defined list.
Configuration of the Voicemail service, a service supported by carriers for recording voice messages when you do not answer an incoming call.
Some of Android's settings can be found outside of the system Settings menu, located within built-in apps instead, such as the Phone app.