Data usage settings

This section allows you to monitor and control the amount of network data transfer your device and its apps are using. This is useful for knowing how much of your cellular provider's monthly quota you have consumed, and which apps are using the most data.


This summary section shows the total amount of data you have used in the current measurement period, as a proportion of your allocated data.

You may configure your measurement period and allocated data in the sections below.

By default this will show only cellular data (sometimes called Mobile data) and not Wi-Fi. Data usage for Wi-Fi may be viewed separately in the below sections.

In this section:

See detailed information about cellular data usage, including data used by each app, and restrict access to background data on a per-app basis.
A feature allowing you to reduce the amount of data that all apps can send or transmit in the background (when not in use) with a single switch.
See detailed information about Wi-Fi data usage, including Wi-Fi data used by each app, and mark certain Wi-Fi networks as restricted.