Bluetooth settings

These settings allow turning Bluetooth on and off, viewing nearby Bluetooth devices and connecting to them.

What is Bluetooth

Bluetooth is a method of connecting nearby devices wirelessly over a very short distance, typically within 10 metres (33 feet), as an alternative to cable connections like USB.

You may use Bluetooth to connect peripheral devices like wireless headsets, car or home stereos, Bluetooth keyboards or mice, or other devices to your Android phone or tablet, without wires.

Bluetooth is not often used for Internet connections or for file transfers like Wi-fi is, but instead should be thought of as a replacement for cables between devices and their peripherals, like headphones or headsets, or input devices like keyboards.


Turns the Bluetooth feature on or off, enabling or disabling all Bluetooth connections to your device.
Toggles the visibility of your phone or table to new Bluetooth devices, for setting up new Bluetooth connections.
A list of nearby Bluetooth devices that you may wish to connect to, or which are already connected.
Pressing the menu button brings up additional Bluetooth settings.

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