Bluetooth settings

These settings allow turning Bluetooth on and off, viewing nearby Bluetooth devices and connecting to them.

On some devices, Bluetooth settings will be grouped in a section called Connections or Connected devices.

What is Bluetooth

Bluetooth is a method of connecting nearby devices wirelessly over a short distance, typically within 10 metres (33 feet).

Bluetooth is often considered a replacement for cables connecting devices together. You may use Bluetooth to connect peripheral devices like wireless headsets, car or home stereos, wireless Bluetooth keyboards or mice, or other devices to your Android phone or tablet, without wires. Bluetooth is not often used for Internet connections or for file transfers like Wi-Fi is, but it can do these things in some cases.

Turning Bluetooth on

While Bluetooth can be turned on or off via this menu, it is usually simpler to turn it on or off using a shortcut icon on the notification pull-down.

The main on / or switch for Bluetooth settings enables or disables Bluetooth support as a whole. While off, you can't use any Bluetooth connections with your device. If you use a Bluetooth headset, or a Bluetooth connection to your car or home stereo, for example, these will simply not be connected and your phone will treat them like they are not in range or turned off. It will not forget or un-pair these devices, and you can continue using them by turning Bluetooth back on.

Bluetooth does not use a significant amount of battery power while it is enabled if you are not using any Bluetooth devices. You may decide to turn this off if you never use Bluetooth devices, or for privacy.

In this section:

Make your phone or tablet visible to nearby Bluetooth devices, for setting up new Bluetooth connections.
A list of Bluetooth devices currently paired with your device. Devices are paired when they are configured to connect to each other when in range.
A list of nearby Bluetooth devices that you may wish to connect to, or which are already connected.
Pressing the overflow menu button in the Bluetooth settings screen brings up additional Bluetooth settings.