Sound settings


Allows you to set the volume level for various sounds that your device can make, including ringtones and other sounds.
Controls whether the phone will vibrate in response to incoming phone calls.
Allows you to choose the ringtone: the type of sound that plays when you receive a phone call.
Allows the phone's ringtone to become quieter when you pick up the phone.
Allows the phone to ring more loudly when it detects that it is inside a pocket or bag.
Allows you to set the default sound to be played when you receive a text message or other notification for which you have enabled sounds.
Allows you to choose the type of tone played for the alarms set in your Clock app.
When enabled, pressing the numbers on the dial pad within the Dialer / Phone app will play tones.
When enabled, various sounds will play as you interact with your device, such as selecting menu items and opening menus.
When enabled, sounds will play when the the screen is locked or unlocked.
When enabled, sounds will play when you pull a list down to refresh the contents of the list, a gesture that is available throughout many apps.
Controls whether some buttons on the screen will result in a subtle "vibrate" produced by the phone's vibration feature.

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