Wi-Fi settings

The Wi-Fi settings menu on Android opens a list of nearby Wi-Fi access points, along with Wi-Fi access points you have set up or used before.

While Wi-Fi is turned on, your device will search for nearby Wi-Fi access points, and if it sees one that it "remembers" - that is, you have connected to it before and it is still in the list of remembered access points - it will automatically connect. Your device will remain connected to that Wi-Fi access point for as long as it is in range.

While connected to Wi-Fi, your device will show a Wi-Fi icon in the notification bar, and all Internet data will be transferred over Wi-Fi instead of over a mobile network.

Accessing additional Wi-Fi settings

Additional Wi-Fi settings can be accessed from the menu button on your device. Some additional settings specific to certain access points can be accessed by long-pressing on one of the visible access points.

In this section:

Explanation for the options configurable for each Wi-Fi access point.
Request a re-scan of the nearby available Wi-Fi access points.
Manually set up a connection to a Wi-Fi network, even if that network is hidden.
Enables easier connection to a Wi-Fi access point that supports the "WPS Push button" feature.
This feature makes it easier to connect your device to a Wi-Fi network simply by entering a PIN displayed or printed on the Wi-Fi access point.
Enables or disables Wi-Fi Direct, a feature that allows setting up a direct Wi-Fi connection between devices without using a Wi-Fi access point.
Access to more advanced Wi-Fi settings, including whether Wi-Fi remains on while your device is asleep, and whether to connect to open Wi-Fi networks.