Phone ringtone

The Phone ringtone option allows you to choose the ringtone: the music or sound clip that plays when you receive a phone call.

Selecting a ringtone from the list

Your device will come with a list of ringtones which you can choose from. Pressing on any of the ringtones' names will play a sample of the ringtone, allowing you to compare and choose.

Using a custom ringtone

You may alternatively use a custom ringtone of your own. You will be given the option to browse for a music or audio file on your device. Recommended formats for ringtones include .ogg and .mp3.

Using a ringtone app

Many thousands of apps exist containing collections of ringtones to choose from, or helping you to select or convert ringtones for your phone.

Specifying ringtones for specific contacts

Some phones allow the ability to specify different ringtones according to who's calling. This needs to be done Phone app and can't be done in these settings.