Wi-Fi data usage

This section provides detailed information about Wi-Fi data usage on your device, including the Wi-Fi data used by each individual app during the current measurement period.

Wi-Fi data usage

As with the Cellular section but for Wi-Fi data, this subsection gives a more detailed view of Wi-Fi data usage over the current measurement period, including a chart showing data usage growing each day during the measurement period.

Below the chart is a list of the apps that have consumed Wi-Fi data, along with how much each one has used.

App data usage

Clicking on an app brings up more information about the data usage for that individual app.

Network restrictions

Allows you to designate particular Wi-Fi networks as "restricted". Restricted Wi-Fi networks will be treated as if they are cellular networks when Data saver is active, and apps which support using less data when connected to cellular networks will do so when connected to restricted Wi-Fi networks too.