Cellular data usage

This section allows for more detailed information about your cellular data usage, including data used by each individual app during the current measurement period.

Some devices will refer to cellular data as Mobile data instead.

Cellular data

This switch allows for enabling and disabling cellular data. If disabled, no cellular data will be used, and data will not be available unless you are connected to Wi-Fi.

Cellular data usage

This sub-menu gives a more detailed view of cellular data usage over the current measurement period, including a chart showing data usage growing each day during the measurement period.


Note that the measurement of data on your device is an indication only may not exactly match the data usage measured by your cellular provider for various reasons. For this reason you should use your provider's tools when possible to determine how much more data you may use before you exceed your current quota.

Below the chart is a list of the apps that have consumed data, listed with the apps that have consumed the most data first.

App data usage

Clicking on an app brings up more information about the cellular data usage for that individual app, and a list of settings.

Background data

Disable this switch to prevent the app using data when the app is not in use (such as when the device is asleep or you are using a different app).

For some apps, this may interfere with the ability for the app to completely function. Some apps need to be able to use data in the background for certain features.

This switch is enabled by default.

Unrestricted data usage

Enable this switch to allow the exempt this app from the Data saver feature, allowing it to use data in the background and when in use as it normally would even when Data saver is switched on.

Billing cycle

Allows you to configure your billing cycle, enabling the measurement periods shown in the Data usage controls to better match the measurement period your provider uses for billing and calculation of your quota use.

Billing cycle (monthly reset date)

Set the date of each month on which your data resets.

Set data warning

A switch and a control allowing you to configure the amount of cellular data you may use each billing period before your device warns you about the amount of data you have used. The warning does not disable data but only shows a warning notification. It is suggested to set this to a little bit less than your monthly quota by your provider, if you have one.

Disable the switch if you do not wish to be warned about data usage.

Set data limit

A switch and a control allowing you to configure a limit after which data should actually be disabled on your device. Apps currently using cellular data will be able to use no more.

You will have the opportunity to re-enable data when this happens by turning off or changing the data limit.