WPS Pin Entry

WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup) is a feature allowing devices to more easily connect to Wi-Fi access points without typing in a password which may be quite long.

A common way that WPS is implemented involves displaying a secret PIN code on the Wi-Fi access point, and requiring that the same PIN be typed into the device.

Finding the PIN

If you have access to your Wi-Fi access point and it supports this feature, you will need to first find out what the secret PIN code is. Check for a sticker on the access point or router containing the WPS Pin.

Some access points may require you to view or set a PIN inside the access point's own settings menu. You will need to log in to the administration interface on your wireless access point to do this.

Once you know the PIN required by your access point, you can then select the WPS Pin Entry item on your device and enter this PIN.

Security information

Evidence has emerged that WPS itself (particularly the WPS Pin Entry feature of it, which all WPS access points are supposed to support) can be vulnerable to security weaknesses, and as a result it is often not a good idea for it to be enabled in access points, at least for long periods of time.

See also

Some WPS-enabled devices also support a WPS Push button feature, which can be used with the WPS Push menu option in your Android device as an alternative to the PIN entry.