Take bug report

This option allows you to generate a bug report for attaching to an email.

This can be useful when you want to report a bug to the author of an app or to a contact of your choice. It will enable you to write an email and attach some diagnostic information about your system along with a recent screenshot.

For more control over what is in the screenshot you may want to generate the bug report from the power menu using the Power menu bug reports feature instead.

Steps to generate a bug report

  1. Before you can generate a bug report you may need to enable USB debugging.
  2. Open the app or screen you wish to be featured in your bug report.
  3. Return to this menu and select Take bug report.
  4. You may be warned that the collection of diagnostic information will take some time, and that you should be patient. If so, press Report to proceed.
  5. The power menu may disappear and your device may appear to go back to normal, but it is generating the bug report in the background. Your device may vibrate or beep to indicate that it's still generating a report.
  6. Eventually, you will be prompted to share the report with your email app. Choose your email app, if asked.
  7. You will now be composing an email which has a screenshot and diagnostic information attached to it. Add your own personal message to the bug report email.
  8. You can now send the email to whoever you wish. Be sure to enter the desired "To" address.