Network settings reset

Android's Network settings reset feature allows you to reset all network settings including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Mobile networks to their factory defaults.

This feature is only available in Android 6.0 or later.

In Android 7.1 and later this feature may be accessible from the overflow menu in the Network & Internet settings instead.

What settings does it reset?

In general this clears all the settings under Network & Internet and Connected devices including Bluetooth settings.

  • All saved Wi-Fi networks are forgotten, including their login details and settings.
  • All paired Bluetooth devices and their settings are forgotten.
  • All customizations to Mobile networks settings are reset to their defaults. This also includes all APN (Access Point Name) configurations.
  • Data limits are removed.
  • Hotspot and tethering settings are removed, and currently active hotspots or tethered devices are disconnected.
  • VPN settings are removed and currently connected VPNs are disconnected.