Per-app settings

Tapping on an app in the Apps settings brings up the App info screen, providing selected information about the app along with a range of options.

In this section:

Prevents the app from being used and removes it from the home screen and app drawer, without uninstalling it. App data is preserved and the app may be re-enabled later.
Stops the app from running, if it is currently running. This immediately stops any processing the app may be doing in the background.
Shows the amount of device storage used by the app including the app itself, its data and cache. May also allow for freeing some space taken by the app.
View the amount of cellular data used by the app within the last data usage period, and restrict the ability for the app to use data while running in the background.
Shows the permissions you have already granted to this app such as the ability to know your location or use the camera, and allows you to remove them again.
Control whether the app may create notifications, may play a sound when creating notifications, and whether the app's notifications may appear on the lock screen.
Controls when this app may be launched by default in response to opening a link, or initiating a specific action, and allows removing previously set defaults.