Configure apps

The Apps settings contains a settings icon (gear icon) taking you to the Configure apps page, containing information and options that list groups of apps or can be applied to many apps at a time.

App permissions

Lists permissions that can be granted to apps on your system, grouped by permission (instead of by app as in the App permissions option in individual app information screens).

This is useful for seeing how many apps have requested or been granted a particular permission, such as accessing the camera or reading your contacts.

For information about permissions see App permissions.


Apps on Android may be registered as the "default" app for a particular action or purpose and therefore the app that will open in response to an action built into Android. For example, when the system receives an SMS message it will open the app registered as the default SMS messaging app.

You may change the defaults in this section. Under each default you have the ability to select an app from multiple choices, if you have more than one capable of registering itself as a default for that action or purpose. If there is only one app with this capability, you won't be able to change anything.

Opening links

When opening a link in Android, Android is in many cases able to intelligently determine the app that should be called upon to open the link according to what kind of link it is, and in many cases it won't be the web browser that is opened, if an app has claimed responsibility for handling that type of link.

The first time you encounter a link that can be opened by an app in addition to the browser, you will be asked what you would like to open the link, and your answer will be stored in this section.

Assist & voice input

Allows you to choose the default app to use for various accessibility features of your device including app assist, a feature that allows you to call up an assistance app to help you with what is currently displayed on the screen.