Advanced battery usage

The Advanced battery usage (or Battery usage on some devices) screen shows a chart displaying battery charge level over time, and a breakdown of the battery usage of various aspects of your device.

Getting to this screen varies depending on the device you have. You will first need to go to the Battery settings, and then either:

  • Tap the percentage charge value at the top; or
  • Press the Battery usage button.


The chart will show battery charge level over time since the last time your device was fully charged. If you have partially charged your device since, the charge will not have reset, and will continue to show back to the last full charge.

Breakdown since last full charge

Shows how much of your battery has been used for various aspects of your system, including the Android system itself, your apps, the mobile network connection when not in use, your phone, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

Note that some devices will not show this section, but will integrate these categories with the list of apps shown in Battery settings or Battery usage on some Samsung Galaxy devices.