Phone identity / Tablet identity

This section provides various information pertaining to the particular phone or tablet.


Phone name / Tablet name

This is a name by which your device is identified in various contexts, such as when connecting to it via Bluetooth.

This field is editable; upon clicking this entry, you can then change the device name to something of your own choice. This name is used simply to distinguish your device from others.

Model number

The model name or number given to this device by the manufacturer.


All GSM-based devices (including 3G and 4G LTE) have a unique number called an International Mobile Station Equipment Identity. This number may be used by your carrier to uniquely identify your device for purposes such as blocking it from their network if it is reported as stolen.


This is a suffix sometimes added to the end of an IMEI number which indicates a "software version" (SV). This is intended to signify the revision number of the operating system or firmware installed on the phone and may change as the phone is updated. It is not necessarily related to an actual software version number.

Device serial number

The device serial number is a unique number given to your device by its manufacturer. It differs from the IMEI in that the serial number is given by the manufacturer and may be referred to by the manufacturer in case of repairs or diagnosing problems, whereas the IMEI is the number usually used by cellular carriers to identify a device.

Phone number

This is the phone number of the phone - that is, its dial-in number. In some cases, this will be shown as "Unknown" which doesn't necessarily indicate a problem, just that the currently connected carrier does not make this information available to the phone itself.


This is an International Mobile Subscriber Identity number, intended to uniquely identify a cellular phone subscriber to carriers. In contrast to the IMEI, which identifies the device, the IMSI identifies the subscriber, thus it is usually stored on a SIM card (in GSM, 3G and 4G LTE devices) and will be adopted by any device that SIM card is inserted into.

Wi-Fi MAC address

A MAC address is an internationally unique number to identify a network adapter, in this case the Wi-Fi client adapter inside the device. This number is used by Wi-Fi access points to facilitate routing of data to and from the device and may be required in cases where a Wi-Fi access point has been configured to filter devices by their MAC address.

Bluetooth address

This address is similar to the MAC address for the Wi-Fi client adapter, except that it is for the device's Bluetooth adapter. Users would rarely need to know this number as Bluetooth pairing is usually quite a simple process and filtering based on adapter address is not usually used.