Software information

This section provides information about the operating system software installed on the device, such as the Android version.

This section is likely to contain various information specific to the manufacturer of the device, and this information may vary between devices. Documented below are only some common pieces of information available in this section.

Explanation of information

Android version

This is the version number of Android that your device has installed. New versions of Android are occasionally released and sometimes a device may be able to update if the device manufacturer allows.

Kernel version

Android runs on a Linux kernel. This number refers to the precise version of Linux that is currently in use.


The first two digits separated by dots refer to the major and minor Linux version. The third refers to a point update to that Linux version, and any further information is specific to the way this particular kernel was customised by the manufacturer.

On some devices this information (and subsequent information) may be behind a More link.

Baseband version

This refers to the version of firmware currently loaded for the phone's cellular "radio".

In cellular devices such as mobile phones, the section of the device responsible for communicating over the cellular network dubbed the "radio" has its own separate firmware, a type of miniature operating system purely for that part of the phone only that governs, at a very technical level, how to communicate with cellular towers.

When applying an update to the Android operating system, the baseband version is not necessarily modified.

Build number

The build number is an internal version number used by the manufacturer to refer to the entire Android operating system software currently loaded onto the device by the manufacturer. It is much more specific than the Android version because it can also contain information specifying the exact variant and customisations made to the software by the manufacturer, such as those made in response to different countries, different carriers, or to fix small issues that wouldn't otherwise represent a change in Android version number.

A manufacturer may manufacture and sell many devices of the same model and same Android number, but different build numbers, representing different feature sets, countries or carrier customisation.

Browser version

This version number identifies the version of the web browser integrated into Android.

Android traditionally uses a browser based on the Webkit engine, which has also be used to power the Apple Safari and Google Chrome browsers.

This version can be useful when troubleshooting specific issues displaying particular web pages.

Note that it is possible to install alternative browsers on your device via apps, and these browsers may or may not use the built-in browser and its Webkit engine, or may supply their own.