How to find the right APN settings for your carrier

Unfortunately I (the author of this article) am unable to help out with carrier-specific configuration, though I can suggest some methods of obtaining their recommended APN settings.

  • Often, simply inserting a SIM card for that carrier is enough. Your Android device may already have pre-installed APN settings that match that carrier. Or, sometimes your carrier may see that a new device has connected to their network, and it may send (via SMS) some configuration options to you after a short time.

  • Rather than trying to speak to your carrier's customer support on the phone, it's often easier just to find their recommended APN settings from a Google search. For example if your carrier is "Telstra", search Google for the terms Telstra APN settings and you may find what you're after. Try looking in the search results for something official-looking from the company first, but if that fails there are often many, many Google results that lead to people who have compiled and collected relevant APN settings themselves.

  • You can also contact the customer support for your carrier. Good luck.

Keep in mind that many (but not all) carriers require separate APN settings for Internet data and MMS, and some might require different APN settings depending on other details such as:

  • What type of contract or plan you are using
  • What type of device you are using

Other carriers will be very much "one size fits all", allowing you to simply use the same settings no matter who you are or what you're doing.


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