Mobile virtual network operator type / value

Together, the Mobile virtual network operator type and Mobile virtual network operator value fields allow an APN configuration to be restricted for use only when using particular MVNOs or subscriber accounts.

Without this setting, custom defined APN configurations are selected according to MCC and MNC only, which specifies the mobile network the phone subscribes to but not the particular retailer or reseller, or account on a network.

This setting is useful if you want to use different sets of custom defined APN configurations with different MVNOs (resellers) which access the same network, or even with separate subscriber accounts within the same network or reseller. That is, if you switch your SIM card to one of a different subscriber or reseller but the same mobile network, you can set your device to use a different APN configuration.

To use this feature, you need to set both a type and a value. The matching algorithm depends on the type selected.



This is the usual setting, and means that this APN configuration is not restricted to use on a particular MVNO or subscriber account.

When the type is set to None, the value field is not used.


Indicates that the value to match is a SPN value (Service Provider Name).


Indicates that the value to match is an IMSI value (International Mobile Subscriber Identity). This value is unique to every subscriber account on any network world-wide.


Indicates that the value to match is a Group Identifier Level 1.